Wednesday, 5 November 2014

About Silver Bird Marketing

Silver bird marketing provides services that are best in industry standard, we have database of consumer data, leads generation, market research, data cleansing, and call center services that includes fresh data of prospective that want to avail services and therefore over telesales agents searches and surveys so many customers to make it a lead and then our Quality analysis team verified it and then said it a confirm lead and also we generate leads through internet and leads data being transferred to you through email and hot keys are directly to your call center.

If you are looking for hot key, we provide in a recent time as process includes our agents call customers to cross check that they need the specified lead and then transferred to our Quality head to make it a confirm lead and when it has been done we directly transfer customer call your call center and mail the specified details of the customer.

Sometimes company is not able to handle call center services as it includes lot of investment and lead are generated by own can be a lengthy process which may happen in loss of a customer as to succeed in a competitive environment you need to be Quick and Silver Bird Marketing believes that the integrity of a product lines, to a large extent, in the quality of service provided to the customers so why to take risk and rely a lengthy process of generating lead to us and just focus on customer needs.

Now if you have been confused that you want Quick results then rely on our call center services which include Inbound call centre services, Outbound call centre services, Technical helpdesk, and many more and we provide data as we all know data is a valuable asset for any company and that why we verified, clean and update data from time to time as we if it’s not done then lot of time could be waste’s sometime people want insurance, home issuance an life insurance but they can only need when their services need renewal of product at specific time therefore data cleansing is also necessary and we provides it.

The first place you look before buying leads from a company is by their reputation and silver bird marketing provides data to many reputed clients who gain benefit by reduced operational cost by the help of us. We generate relation with customer not a onetime sale and also we provide assistant to our clients regarding leads data.

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